Great Ball I

My first massive structure. As you can sort of tell by looking down the center of this photo, it's a 3-layer ball of the same pattern, with each layer connected to the next by a network of red sticks. I had to order (and nearly die of anticipation waiting for for) a whole scad of extra red struts to finish this one.

The basic ball shape here, by the way, is an icosidodecahedron (the blue struts), with a very flat yellow pentagonal pyramid added to each pentagonal face.

I didn't continue the pattern any farther out because I was running seriously low on all three colors of sticks. The next layer would have required each edge to be made with two combined sticks, and that didn't look as clean.

Moments after I took this picture, I "stellated" it with the remaining big red sticks I had. (See "Great Star Ball".)

Tom Magliery