Things Shaped Like Texas

"By now you have noticed that there is no product that can't be improved by making it in the shape of Texas." -- Sophia Dembling, The Yankee Chick's Survival Guide to Texas

(Lots of these links are broken now. I have found new information for some of them, and numerous more items to add to the list, but I'm holding off until I finish overhauling the page. One of these days...)

Item Status Note
Cheese Confirmed In baskets here
Cake Unconfirmed Mentioned LOTS of places, haven't found a picture of one yet
Pecan cake Confirmed Found here in the "Home on the Range Gift" set
Cookies Unconfirmed Mentioned here and here
Pasta Confirmed Found here
Ice Confirmed If you have one of these or one of these
Fudge Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Tortilla chips Confirmed Found here
Fruitcake Confirmed Found here, on the "pies" page.
Another fruitcake Unconfirmed Mentioned here, claimed to be the world's largest
Cheesecake Confirmed Found here
Hamburger Confirmed Found here
Waffles Unconfirmed Mentioned here
PBJ Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Mousse Unconfirmed Texas shaped and margarita flavored, at Dubya's inaugural ball
Lollipop Confirmed Seen at the museum gift shop at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.
Jewelry, clothing, etc.
Item Status Note
Belt buckle Confirmed From ebay
T-shirt Confirmed A regular t-shirt, smooshed into a Texas-sized blob by "50 tons of pressure". Found here, in the Texas-shaped gift basket.
Pins Confirmed Texas, Hard Rock Cafe, UFCW 455, Texas wildflowers, bullriding,
Earrings Confirmed Aggie, flag,
Sunglasses Unconfirmed Like cake: mentioned lots of places, no picture found yet
Bracelet charms Confirmed Found here, more here
Pendants Confirmed Five here, five more here
Ring Confirmed Found here, here
Key chain Confirmed flag, snake leather!, sterling silver
Housewares, desk accessories
Item Status Note
Gift basket Confirmed Found here
Other baskets Confirmed Doggie treats
Ashtray Confirmed From ebay, another
Desk clocks Confirmed One, another
Wall clock Confirmed Found here
More clocks Confirmed Cutout, clear, glass, marble, bluebonnet bonus
Stone desk accessory Confirmed Found here
Drawer pull Confirmed Found here
Night light Confirmed Found here
Dishes Confirmed Chip/dip bowl, party dish, baking pan, trivet
Potholder Confirmed Found here
Shadow box Confirmed From ebay
Soap Confirmed Found here
Limestone desk accessories Confirmed Paperweights, business card holders, objets d'art
Paperweight Confirmed Brass
Business card holder Confirmed Found here
Candle Confirmed Found here
Pillow Confirmed Found here
Rag rug Confirmed Found here
Dinner bell Confirmed Found here and here and here
Picture frames Confirmed Found here
Cookie cutter Confirmed Found here
Misc pottery Confirmed Dishes, pans, chip/dip bowl, ashtray, music box, napkin holder, something unidentified
More pottery Confirmed Necklace pendant, napkin holder
Keyrack Confirmed Found here
Christmas decorations Confirmed Found here
Cutting board Confirmed Found here
Spice rack Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Napkin holder Confirmed Found here
Salt and pepper shakers Confirmed Found on ebay
Drain stopper Confirmed Actually the little knob in the middle of a kitchen sink drain stopper -- what you push down on to make a tighter seal with the little rubber thingie underneath. Seen in a "Texas stuff" shop in the mall.
Misc things
Item Status Note
Magnets Confirmed Found here, Texas wildflowers
Pen Confirmed Found here
Pencil Confirmed Or should I say "bentcil"
Pen set Confirmed Found here
Jigsaw puzzles Confirmed Found here
Bird house Confirmed Found here
Monopoly - Texas Edition Confirmed Found here
Pool Confirmed At Tony's former apartment complex, and here
Birthmark Unconfirmed One mentioned here
Marching Band Confirmed Texas A&M
Scoreboard Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Art? Confirmed At Zilker Park in Austin
Sprinkler Confirmed Found here
Garden stake Confirmed Seen in the gift shop at the Texas History Museum in Austin
Confetti Confirmed Seen in the gift shop at the Texas History Museum in Austin
Hot tub, whirlpool, jacuzzi Unconfirmed Mentioned here, and here, and here (all these and no photo yet!)
Ballroom floor Confirmed The Grand Plaza here
Hole Confirmed Yup, a big hole in the ground
Garden pond Unconfirmed Mentioned, but no real picture
Vehicle inspection sticker Confirmed Seen on a car
Pothole Confirmed Pushing it a little...
Table Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Some etched glass thing Confirmed Found here
Neon beer sign Confirmed Bud, Bud Dry Draft, Bud Guitar, Lite, Miller Lite, Coors Light (blue), Coors "heart" Texas, Coors Light Texas Music, Coors Light (white), Lone Star, Lite "Miller Time"
Beer tap ornament Unconfirmed Seen by Marcus at a party. Sorry, Marcus, it doesn't count as "confirmed" until I've seen it myself.
Other neon Confirmed OPEN
Topiary Confirmed A bush at the Alamo. As a more recent visitor (March 2001), I can add that the bush is no longer there.
Sidewalk bricks Confirmed Awesome!!
Statue Confirmed Found here
Playground Unconfirmed Mentioned here. There's a picture, but you can't quite tell for sure it's Texas.
Wind chimes Confirmed Found here
Weather station Confirmed Found here
Stepping stone Confirmed Found here
Guitar Confirmed Found on ebay
Wave pool Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Patio Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Mylar balloon Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Stage Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Sweat stain Unconfirmed Egads
Green Unconfirmed Mentioned here. This is apparently at the Cottonwood Valley Course at Four Seasons Resort and Club, somewhere near Dallas.
Bolt pattern Confirmed Mentioned here. This refers to the arrangement of bolts on "transfer cases", which is some sort of automobile transmission thing. The pattern of bolts on cases such as the Scout Dana 300 isn't really shaped like Texas, but it's really called that.
Awards Confirmed Found here
Smoker Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Keyboard Unconfirmed Mentioned on a Google-cached page that formerly existed here
Name plate Unconfirmed Mentioned on a Google-cached page that formerly existed here
Car dealer logo plate Confirmed Seen all over Austin on cars from David McDavid dealerships
Picture frame Confirmed Found here and here
Air freshener Confirmed Seen in Texas Monthly magazine
Sink Unconfirmed Mentioned here
Bubble wand Confirmed Seen at the museum gift shop at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.
Item Status Note
Texas Confirmed Duh
India Confirmed Mentioned here, here's a map
Litchfield Park, AZ Confirmed Dig this

Other Ideas

Things that oughta be, but I haven't even found mentioned, let alone pictured anywhere: book, mousepad, postcard, blanket, window (stained glass or otherwise),

The No-such-thing-as-an-original-idea Department

Of course someone already wrote a book about this. Here's its order page on

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