Index of Mag's Stories

From time to time I have written e-mail stories, mostly -- but not always -- trip summaries from adventures in far-away (or not so far-away) places. These usually amuse my friends, and sometimes they amuse people I don't even know, so I thought I'd share some of them with the WWW universe.

Some of these are interesting in their own right, and some others are probably interesting only to people who are directly involved. Oh well. Read at your own risk.

A Pop Story with a Happy Ending
A short story about conducting some business with a pop machine, from about 1987, a personal communication to my friend Bob D.
Our England Trip, 1992
The cool story of our even cooler trip to England with Kathy, Vern, and Jerry.
Christmas trip to Georgia, 1992
The story of our trip to Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, over Christmas and New Year's, 1992-93.
New Orleans Final Four Trip, 1993
The Grand Story of my trip to New Orleans to see KU play in the Final Four (tm).
Canoeing and Spelunking, 1993
A canoeing and spelunking expedition in the summer of 1993 with a bunch of folks.
Adventures in Norway (and Elsewhere), 1993
The story of my trip to Norway for a conference, and then on to Sweden and Germany for touristing, in August/September of 1993.
Christmas trip to Kansas, 1993
The story of our trip home to Garfield and Lindsborg, Kansas, and a few other places, over Christmas and New Year's, 1993-94.
32nd IETF, Danvers, MA, April 1995
Well, that pretty much says it.
WWW'95 - Darmstadt, April 1995
Adventures at the 3rd World-Wide Web conference in Darmstadt, Germany, plus a side trip to Paris for the weekend afterwards.
Christmas Letter, 1995
The letter we sent as holiday greetings to our out-of-town friends and family this year.
Olympics, 1996
Our trip to Atlanta for the Centennial Olympic Games.
Our deck
My dad and I built a deck. It turned out ok.
Pacific Northwest, September 1997
Photos and stories from our vacation to Victoria, BC, Friday Harbor, WA, and Portland OR.
Christmas Letter, 1997
This year's Christmas card insert. This version is a lot more interesting than the paper one, because it's got links to several photo pages...
Florida, November 1998
Stories and photos from a trip for Florida for Supercomputing'98 and a weekend of relaxation.
Christmas Letter, 1998
See above comment about interestingness.

Tom Magliery