This version of the game is 1/2 luck and 1/2 skill for 2 or more players. 'Sets' are made according to the rules of classic SET®.


To play a card from your hand that does not make a 'set' with the cards already played on the table. The rules for making a set are in the instruction book for SET®.


Four cards are dealt to each player, which are held in the players' hands. The remainder of the deck is placed on the table in a stack.


Each player must place a card face up on the table during his/her turn. The card played is then checked by all other players to see if it makes a 'set' with the cards already on the table. A 'set' must be seen before the next person in turn plays a card. If a 'set' is seen on the table that does not use the last card played, it does not count and play continues as if it did not exist. If the card played is found by any of the other players to make a 'set' with two other cards on the table, the player who put the card down receives all of the cards currently on the table. They are not used in play again, but count against the player at the end of the hand. As each player plays a card, he/she draws a replacement from the deck. After players try to make a 'set' with the last card played, (which may or not be possible), the next player in turn puts down a card, and the play continues until all the cards in the deck are played. Note, as more cards are laid on the table, it is more and more likely that a 'set' will be made. It is difficult to have more than twelve cards (and impossible to have more than 21 cards) on the table without a 'set' being made by the next player, so check carefully and bluff convincingly.


After all of the cards in the deck are used, the player who has to take the most cards from the table loses. It is not necessary to keep a score; just compare the stacks of cards each player gets against each other to find the loser.

Copyright © 1994, Marsha and Robert Falco