Float 2002

Still more manly-like adventures on the Current River, 5-7 Apr 2002. See also Current I and Current II.


  1. John made breakfast for everyone (eggs and sausage). He also made dinner for everyone -- steak, taters, and bitchen bastard-berry cobbler. All of it was damn good. Way to go, John.
  2. Dean helped cook some of the food; here, the eggs.
  3. Jeff and John enjoyed eating the above-mentioned breakfast, while Tom pondered pornographic-sounding names he could assign to wildlife we might encounter during the upcoming day.
  4. Dean encounters some gristle in his Pop-Tart.


  1. Gil didn't float. He spent the day sitting in camp, all alone, staring wistfully at the rest of our chairs, and being serenaded by rednecks in motorboats.
  2. Elsewhere, John, Tom, Jim and Dave prepared to get going.


  1. A sign at the little cabin along the river. As far as I can tell, the condition of the cabin and its surrounding area is the same as it was five years ago, except for natural weathering and perhaps a little more vandalism. They must have quite a long "schedule".
  2. Jim fiddles with some paraphernalia on the little tree stump chair (also pictured five years ago).
  3. There was a bat roosting in the rafters of the porch.
  4. Same bat.


  1. Tom and Jeff are fascinated by their boats, while John is fascinated by Tom.
  2. Dave and Tom geek out on their GPSes.
  3. Dean and Jim cook their wienies with the Cool Toy of the Day, telescoping forks.


  1. "It's not too cold to swim over there, is it?"
  2. Actually it was, but that didn't stop Dean, Tom, Jim, John, and Jeff.


  1. The problem was not so much that Jim used nature as his toilet, but that he did it sooooo close to the rest of us.


  1. Dave, Gil, and some feet.
  2. Gil, Dean, and Jim.
  3. Camp.

Tom Magliery