Yugo Art

So I was in Washington, DC, with Dennis after the Federal Webmasters Workshop in July 1995, and we checked out Union Station, and happened upon this cool display of Yugo Art. It was the product of an assignment to an art class at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, wherein they were asked to take a Yugo and transform it into something else. The professor in charge of the class was Kevin O'Callaghan.

"Given this Yugo automobile as a point of departure, give it a new life other than the one it was intended to have". The results were pretty amazing...

This other site has fewer pictures than mine, but it is more nicely done and some of the photos are better. It also has more details about the exhibition and the assignment itself.

Here's an article about the exhibit from the Washington Post.

Other Yugo Art

Mickey Schutzenhofer from Staunton, IL, sent me email and said his grandfather Al Sirko turned his Yugo into Porky the Pig, and would I post a picture of it on my site? I figure, sure, why not?

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