Ludwig and Veronique

Ludwig and Veronique

These are our friends Ludwig and Veronique. We spent our last weekend in Poitiers to attend their wedding. French weddings are great fun. There was a civil ceremony in the early afternoon (that's what you see here), followed by a church wedding, then a reception in the late afternoon, dinner in the evening, and dancing late into the night.

The church wedding was particularly fun, because it was trilingual, but none of the languages was English! Ludwig is German, Veronique French, and much of her family Norwegian, so... Nevertheless, we were able to figure out pretty much what was going on. :-)

The evening dinner was remarkable. Many courses of food, with a different wine or drink with each, and skits, songs or speeches by family members scattered throughout. LG and I, and the host family we had stayed with, were both travelling very early the next morning, so we left about 1am, just as the dance was about to start...

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