Halloween Party

LG and I held a Halloween costume party -- "costumes absolutely required". We threatened to provide embarrassing costumes for anyone who did not show up in costume. No one (attempted to) call our bluff, so some guests believe we really were just bluffing. We let them wallow in their suspicions, and say: just try it next year! In the meantime, there were lots and lots of fun costumes...


The Avengers:





Chinese Woman:

Construction Worker:

The Crow:



Feather Girl:



LG the Witch:

Lost Hikers:



Oliver the Grump:

Playboy Bunny:


Sofonda Silicone:

Howard Stern:

Sylvia the Witch:


Trek Girl:

White Trash:

Not pictured yet: Thing 3 (Isaak) (at least, not his face), 50s Girl (Christy).

Costume Contest Results

We had a costume contest with prizes in several categories. Everyone voted to determine the winners. Here are complete results of the voting:
Most Realistic
Howard Stern 6
Lost Hikers 3
Bomberman, Bikers, Hippies, Witch (LG) 2
Playboy Bunny, Thing 3, Showerboy, Sofonda Silicone, Trek Girl, "Y", Witch (Sylvia). 1
Sofonda Silicone 15
White Trash 3
Robert, Cardinal 2
Things, Bomberman, Oliver the Grump 1
Most Original
Bomberman 9
Oliver the Grump 5
Howard Stern 4
Sofonda Silicone 3
Things 2
White Trash, Generic Costume, Avengers 1
Death 17
The Crow 3
Witch (LG) 2
Sofonda Silicone, Monkey, Witches (both) 1
Most Skin
Sofonda Silicone 10
Death 8
Playboy Bunny 5
Showerboy 2

Special Mention Votes

We added a special category on the costume prize ballots: "If there is someone whose costume is outstanding in some way, but doesn't quite fit in any of our categories, nominate them here:"

Who Why
Sofonda Her teasers
The Things Just cute
Things 1, 2 & 3 Cutest member
Lisa the Witch Because she's the host and I feel obligated to vote for her
Lisa the Witch Excellent makeup
George (the Crow) Sexiest
Batman Batman is cool!
Bomberman Glitter
(no one named) Pretty much everyone did a good job!

Party Pictures

by APC:

. . . . . . . . . .

by sfry:

. . . . . .

by Michelle:

by mag:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Decorations and Food

LG made these ghosts.

. . . I made the lighted wireframe ghost and gravestones.

We both carved pumpkins.

. We both decorated the cookies. The spiderweb idea came from a magazine, although I added the spider myself.

I had to go all the way to Decatur (about 30 miles) for dry ice, because the local supplier ran out.

. . .

Scavenger Trivia Quiz

  1. How many white spiders are there in with our skeleton in the closet?
  2. The name of one dead person (tombstones) is hidden in a word on another person's tombstone. Who are both of these two people?
  3. How many jack o'lanterns are there (made of real pumpkins)? (Yes, do count the one that has been ravaged by a tree rat.)
  4. What classic 1987 movie is referred to on one of the tombstones?
  5. What is the hanged ghoul's name?
  6. How many non-alphabetic characters appear on the tombstones?
  7. How many ghosts haunt the ficus?
  8. Where is the unmarked tombstone?
  9. What three shapes are the homemade cutout cookies?
  10. Who died in the tragic typing accident?

All of the answers to the quiz could be obtained by carefully examining the decorations and food at the party. A few of them can even be discerned by close scrutinization of the party pix above. A couple of them were slightly devious, but not too bad, we thought.

It turned out that no one got all 10 right, but there were two entries that scored 9 out of 10. By popular vote, The Avengers were given the prize over the other entrant who scored 9, mostly because they (The Avengers) were still at the party.

The correct answers were: 3; Ned and Stu; 8; The Princess Bride; Screamin' J. Hawk; 5; 14; the upstairs closet; moon, ghost, and pumpkin; and Mavis.

Our favorite answers were Showerboy's: 16,284; Mel Brooks and Jimmy Carter; 46; Back to the Future II; Tim; 78; 37; Washington, D.C.; bowling balls, curling irons, and cookies; and the third drummer in Spinal Tap.

Tom Magliery