Canoeing and Camping on the Current

These are some photos from a canoeing and camping trip on the Current River in southern Missouri, 21-23 March 1997. Dave and I drove down from Champaign, where we met Tom Matches (from Lawrence, KS), Steve Hitchcock (Richmond, MO), John Long (Atlanta, GA), Jim Long (Columbia, MO), Jeff Schroeder (Columbia, MO), Gil Cooper (Pittsburg, KS), Chris Wise (Springfield, MO), and of course Tess.

  1. Our campsite before (or during, actually)
  2. Campsite #37
  3. Breakfast group
  4. Bigger breakfast group
  5. Jeff at his truck
  6. Waiting to go
  7. More waiting to go
  8. Tess
  9. Tess the dishwasher
  10. Floating
  11. My Tilley hat
  12. Dave and his hat
  13. Tom and his hat
  14. Steve's shoelaces
  15. Turtles
  16. Cave people
  17. Dave silhouette
  18. Jim hunts and gathers
  19. Jeff make fire
  20. Clever wiener cooking
  21. Tom and Dave
  22. John slouches
  23. Not-so-empty woods
  24. Lunch group
  25. Bigger lunch group
  26. A cabin along the river
  27. Tree stump chair
  28. Chris and Tess landing
  29. Chris's backside
  30. T & T's
  31. Our campsite after

Thomas Magliery