Egads, it's another cats page on the web

These are our cats, Anne and Emma, named after the main characters in Jane Austen's Persuasion and (of course) Emma. Anne is the tortoise-shell, and Emma is beige. We also call them Antagonist and Empress, because these words seem to fit their personalities so perfectly.

Born 7 Sep 97, they were about 8-9 weeks old when the pictures in this first set were taken.

More pictures, from about 9-11 weeks.

Action shots...

Inaction shots...

Anne, look at me... now Emma, look at me... now Anne, bite Emma's tail!

A few from around mid-December...

From New Year's Eve (31 Dec 97), when A&E were about 16 weeks old. They're lounging around on the quilt that JoAnne made for us. In the last one, I caught Emma yawning on purpose, but did not realize until I had the photos developed that I caught both of them!

The kitties' first experience with fire. It fascinated them (separately) for a while, but fickle as ever, they lost their interest before the fire died. These photos and the next several series were taken in February and March 1998.

We got leashes for them so we can take them outside for walks, and have them in the car without their carriers. Their first time in their harnesses was highly entertaining for all four of us.

More inaction shots...

Caught in that funky zone between inaction and action...

Emma has decided she doesn't like to have her picture taken. She'll either sit there and make this funky little meow (see first photo), or else just turn and run off. At first I thought it was the very high-frequency sound the flash makes when it's charging, but she freaks out even when I don't have the flash on the camera.

Anne's not afraid, though. Here she is into this, that, and the other... In the first one she was jumping up after a flashlight spot that LG was flashing around on the wall. The camera flash made the flashlight disappear, but that made for even more amusing photos.

A few miscellaneous shots from about January 1999. The last four appear to show Emma in increasing states of agitation -- as I mentioned above, she doesn't like having her picture taken -- but the last one is actually just a yawn because I woke her up from her nap.

Tom Magliery