Canoeing the Upper Iowa

These are photos from a canoe trip I took with several co-workers and friends. We camped and floated on the Upper Iowa River near Decorah, Iowa for a weekend in early June 1995. We camped and rented canoes at Chimney Rock. The campground was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the river was high enough to make for a very enjoyable (if too quick) ride.

Note: These pictures won't look so good at resolutions higher than about 75dpi. Sorry about that.

  1. Camp alongside the river, across from the bluff.
  2. Looking out the other way from camp.
  3. The river from camp.
  4. Sylvia gets friendly with some carrots.
  5. Tom preaches to Bernhard and Igor.
  6. Camp dinner.
  7. Camp breakfast.
  8. All ready to hit the water.
  9. 16 people in the back of a pickup.
  10. Rule 2 was our personal favorite.
  11. Those specks up there are my co-campers.
  12. A lovely bridge we passed on the river.
  13. River pirates who stole our lunches and drinking water.
  14. Chimney rocks.
  15. Chimney rocks again.
  16. We did not moolest these animals.
  17. A little inlet I lured Tom and Bernhard into.
  18. Tom and Bernhard wring themselves out after dump #1.
  19. Tom and Bernhard, caught in the act of dump #2.
  20. Ramming speed...
  21. Cleaning up and licking wounds.
  22. Tom and Bernhard review the day's successes.
  23. Husbands and wives.
  24. Hanging out at camp.
  25. More hanging out at camp.
  26. Fire kid practices his trade.
  27. Two and a half Kuceras.
  28. Fire kid again.
  29. Moms and their kids.
  30. Matt and Barbara do something distinctly non-camplike.
  31. Bernhard fails to find a set.
  32. Long shadows.
  33. The end of the day.

Tom Magliery